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This is what guys call their female friends, with whom they have no sexual relations. Opposite of guyfriend.
Andrea is just my chickfriend, but people think we're dating because we hang out a lot.
by B. Keene August 22, 2009

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1. A more juvenile synonym for kissup, suckup, brown-noser, etc.

2. A more juvenile--but less vulgar--synonym for slut, whore, skank, etc.

3. A person who is experienced with giving BJs. Alternatively, a person who has a BJ fetish.
1. Danny is always hanging on Ty like a dickleech. Can't he see that Ty is just using him?

2. Jessica has dated the entire football team; she's such a dickleech.

3. Make sure you call up Corina when you need a BJ. She's a real dickleech, man!
by B. Keene August 11, 2009

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An adjective describing someone who is highly inconsiderate. This does NOT mean that people without fathers are jerks; it's just a word for someone who wasn't properly disciplined as a child.
Ben: Is Monday the start of the week, or is it Sunday?
Carl: What a stupid-ass question!
Sue: There's no such thing as a stupid question. Stop acting fatherless.
by B. Keene August 30, 2009

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A person who spouts large quantities of carbon dioxide because they talk too much.
David: Hey Lydia, aren't you supposed to be out with Carl tonight?
Lydia: No, I turned him down. He's such a gashole, he might as well date himself.
by B. Keene August 11, 2009

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