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Chatspeak for vagina. Note the flaps and love button.
In a chatroom somewhere:

Maddy : Om nom nom ({;})!!!
Adam : Eeeeewwwwwwwwww
Kip :wwwwwwwwwww
by BêñjíButton July 1, 2009
Chatspeak for "epic".

Ampersand is an epic word. And the stars just make it that much more epic. Therefore, this word is epic!
In a chatroom:

Helen : I just won the lottery!!!!
Rosina : OMG that's *&*!
by BêñjíButton June 24, 2009
Win! Two people have found the world's largest waffle and after a brief period of disagreement over who should eat it, they decide to share. Their decision wins.
Pauline : Marry me, Ben!
Ben : Of course I'll marry you! '#'! :D
by BêñjíButton June 24, 2009
Hitler. Used to compare (in chatspeak) someone to Hitler.
O-.! ( )( ) < :lO
Fail! But less than Hitler
by BêñjíButton June 24, 2009
Chatspeak for "but".
It is a play on the image of a person's bottom (or butt) and taking this image putting it place of when one would say "but".
In a chatroom somewhere:

Jennifer: Guys are okay ( )( ) I prefer girls more.
Holly: Girls ftw
Jazz: YAY girls
Tyler: ( )( )... :/
by BêñjíButton June 29, 2009
A shlinkenminkle is a bra with the main feature being an ice cream cone to cover each nipple. It can be stuck on or strung together in any way but will always retain the same cone principle.

They are always edible. Always.
Cary is wearing a shlinkenminkle today. She is now even more delicious.
by BêñjíButton July 4, 2009
This is chatspeak for Kim Jong-Il, the North Korean dictator.
In a chatroom somewhere:
Helen : OMG Katie Price sucks.
Seanaporn : Mehhh =.= is worse.
by BêñjíButton September 26, 2009