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Referring to ones characteristic actions (often unconscious mode).
Mannerism often used today when referring to ones characteristics of 'acting' feminine, butch, or in between.
by b&f December 16, 2005

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A well known website in the GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgendered) community. Most well known got its personals and chat rooms, in which is infamous for 'hooking up'. Provides many different topics of chat: regional locations; age groups (20s, 30s, 40s, ect ect); sexual discussion; health.
The site also provides news, mostly dealing with GLBT issues.
Also provided are shopping, entertainment, health, business, family, and style.
"Last night I was bored and horny, and went on gay.com chat and met this hot dude, which he ended up coming over and fooling around together".
by B&F July 24, 2005

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a popular magazine aimed towards gay males aged 15-28 years of age.
"There was this totally hot dude on the cover of XY magazine. I about creamed in my shorts"!
by B&F July 24, 2005

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Abbreviation for the word young.
"Last night I totally felt up thing yng looking girl".
by B&F July 24, 2005

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Can't act too gay.
"Dude was too bro'd out to dance to Britney"!
by B&F July 24, 2005

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