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The correct spelling of gaia.
"It's Gaea, you moron."
by Avelon August 11, 2005
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Similar to a gauntlet, the bracer is a form of forearm armor used primarily by swordsmen, designed to catch blows with their off hand. Unlike a gauntlet, the bracer neither covers the hand, nor slides over the hand like a glove, but instead clasps on the underside of the arm via straps or has a slit through which the arm can be inserted.

Greek variants of the bracer often extended past the wrist with a V-shaped piece of bronze to guard the back of the hand. This variant was later adapted into a weapon by extending the guard beyond the knuckles, giving the user the ability to - quite literally - punch a hole through their enemies.
The bracer is superior to the gauntlet because it leaves the fingers free.
by Avelon May 22, 2005
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(n.) An often fatal variety of poison caused by having a steel-bladed sword, dagger, or spear pierce the stomach.
"Where's Jim?"
"Didn't you hear? He caught steel poisoning on his shift last night."
by Avelon May 22, 2005
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1. (n) A double-edged weapon between 4 and 10 inches in length; similar to a knife, which is distinguished by having a single edge.
a. Any bladed weapon shorter than 12" in length; this is not historically accurate, however: A main gauche (pronounced 'mayn go-sh'), the traditional off-hand accompaniment to light swords such as the rapier, is an example of a knife which has been heralded as a dagger throughout history.
2. (n) A character from the Playstation video game 'Final Fantasy IX' by Square. 'Dagger' is a cover identity; she is otherwise known as Garnet, Princess of Alexandria. Her true name is Sarah.
3. (n) (slang) A man who is said to have an unusual love for dag, in the slang sense of semen.
4. (n) A person with the job of removing and/or cleaning dag from sheep.
"You just stabbed me with a dagger, which is unmistakably not a knife!"
"Dagger's cute butt is shown during summoning sequences. It's especially nice after she cuts her hair."
"Check out the dagger! He's eating dag again."
"An example of a shitty job is that of a dagger."
by Avelon August 11, 2005
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The incorrect spelling of gaea.
"I guess that says something for the kids over at Gaia Online."
by Avelon August 11, 2005
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A MIX (multiplayer) compatible game engine for Windows operating systems, coded in C and C variants by Dan Samuel and found at www.synthetic-reality.com. Its primary feature is its customization ability; players can actually create their own games to play on the Well of Souls engine. These are known as 'worlds'.

However, most will find that, although at first the ability to build your own game is nice, the limitations of the engine make it useless for any attempt at a serious game. The incessant clicking required in order to accomplish the universal goal of attaining level 100 is, at best, utterly boring. Coupled with an unstable 'hack detection' code that locks players out of the game for running, among other things, simple WinAMP plugins, the game quickly becomes unsatisfying and dull. Add to that the fact that you must donate $20 USD in order to unlock the only truly useful features in the game, and you have something which goes beyond 'worthless'.
"I named my WoS shortcut 'Well of Shit'."
by Avelon August 11, 2005
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