5 definitions by Aurjdj

The act of shaking your face in somebody’s balls like a hog in mud.
“Hey John what you do last Night”

“There was a huge party and Amy was hoggle bagging!”
by Aurjdj October 31, 2017
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(Gay, Jew, Over , There)
by Aurjdj March 19, 2018
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When you run away from your partner because it’s sex is horrifying
“holy shit I need to get away from that woman I’m scared of her horror sex”
by Aurjdj November 1, 2017
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Bab stands for “Big Ass Bitch
Hey bill I’m just going to the strip club looking for some babs
by Aurjdj March 18, 2018
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When two gay guys sword fight with their penises.
Me and bill had a flappy fight yesterday

“Ur so Fucking gay”
by Aurjdj October 31, 2017
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