6 definitions by Atom meatshaft D

A person who is so Extreme Left and Anti Trump they will disagree with anything Donald trump does and says even if he cured cancer and handed them a check for $10,000 he did it wrong
Karen Hates trump so much she’s Become a radicalized Liberal And wants everything for free and if you’re a Republican for Donald Trump you’re a racist
by Atom meatshaft D July 14, 2020
A hardmoney gun is a Milwaukee impact gun used by IBEW Lineman to tighten most all hardware on powerpoles

(Not used by narrow backs)
Send up the hardmoney gun I’m tired of busting my knuckles with this Lowe wrench
by Atom meatshaft D December 14, 2020
Boner Pills are any type of drugs that force blood into your boner giving you hours of fun with a raging Erection
I went hoggin at the bar last night picked up a fat bitch but couldn’t get hard when it was time to Skewer the beast ,so I popped a of couple boner pills and in 20 min I was ready to give her the hot beef injection
by Atom meatshaft D August 2, 2020
(To pence) Mike is owned by China and penced over 74million American patriots to stay loyal to his homeland of China
by Atom meatshaft D January 7, 2021
A superb Vagina that has nice folds like premium roman curtains
Jess has porn quality Roman curtains Unlike Amy’s leftover roastbeef meat curtains
by Atom meatshaft D July 11, 2020
The Premium subtle pussy lips with folds of an Angel, the vagina you only see in the best porn. The opposite of an Arby’s roast beef sandwich
I was banging those Roman Curtains last night and I felt like Cesar himself Getting the best pussy in all of Rome
Jessica has Amazing Roman curtains While Amy’s pussy looks like a roast beef sandwich with Extra meat
by Atom meatshaft D July 11, 2020