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when a wannabe drifter hits someone or something in the proccess of drift, thus changing a drift to a dweft
"Damn he just dwefted into that old lady!"
by Atlas September 28, 2004
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Redneck is a fad starting from 2010 and continuing through out 2012. It includes teen boys and girls dressing in curved bill camo hats and jeans or cargo shorts with camo jackets or other camo things. "Camo" is the redneck god of the fad.If you are in high school you should know about ten people or more that are apart of this ignorant fad.Not only does redneck promote racism but is known to promote drinking,drinking while driving,smoking drugs, and cigarette smoking.You will often find these people NOT in RURAL AREAS, but in CITIES! Signs of this fad include everything from lifted trucks in the middle of the city nowhere near mud to rebel flags.This is a very annoying fad and they should all do us a favor and use their camo to DISAPPEAR.
"omg look at these dumb ass rednecks"
"lol yea i know, RED SOLO CUP lmao"
by AtLAS May 02, 2012
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A male who likes to engage in the sexual task of repeatedly stroking his penis with one or both of his hands. Originally derived from the Greek Language meaning 'wanker'
Look his shorts are all white, I bet he's a malaka.
by Atlas February 17, 2003
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calling some one out, calling them an idiot, or a buster
man, what the fuck are you doing here tomato?!
by Atlas November 26, 2004
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A shit peanut attatched to your dick after pulling out of a woman's ass. A term used to describe the nasty ass hoe who's ass you've pulled out of.
I was ass-fucking a girl and came out with a butterbean; or; Hey, Butterbean, how've you been?
by atlas January 17, 2005
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