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A name only given the the most beautiful and kindest of girls.
They commonly have a beauty so awe striking that simply no other name will suffice.
Comparable to that of seeing the mountains, the ocean, and a sunset for the first time, all at the same time.
The epitome of all that is perfect.
"my god, why is teagan so beautiful?"
"oh that's because its teegan, not teagan"
by QK_228 December 01, 2011
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The male version of Teegan is an awesome spectacle, he is the only man that could survive a roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris and live to laugh about it. Women all want him. A simple glance is enough to make panties wet. He know Victoria's Secret. The only words to ever slow him during sex is "honey I'm home". The man can piss his own name into concrete. When learning CPR he resuscitated the dummy. He is the man.
i was set to marry the girl of my dreams but a guy named Teegan walked by and she was instantly in love. Sadly, I couldn't blame her as I was too.....
by JR54273 March 11, 2017
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Hot, sexy, cute hair and such a nice girl to be around. She likes to flirt and she falls in-love easily with her crush.She doesnt like to be around quite people, shes a loud one.
Dayum Teegan
by John Tukker July 14, 2012
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Teegan is a fucking Tank.He has Blonde hair and huge ass muscles,the only thing bigger than his muscles is his huge dick.He is a party god and loves to hit those bongs just like he loves to hit his thots from the back.Every thot gets wet when she hears his name.
My girlfriend left me for a guy named Teegan and I was confused because she said he had a bigger dick than me but then I said thatโ€™s impossible because I have a huge dick.One day I walked in on My girlfriend and another guy having sex and he had a dick the size of my forearm so I said:โ€This must be Teegan.โ€ And somehow, a few minutes later his dick was down my throat.
by Huge wenis May 10, 2019
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