6 definitions by Aristarkus

How French Canadians pronounce the word Saturday when speaking English.
Jacque: Hey guys you want to go drinking wit me dis Taturday nite.
by Aristarkus January 13, 2009
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An Apple product you once owned, but it either got lost, stolen or broken.
Stu: Hey dude what happened to your iPad?

Dude: Some fat bitch sat on it and broke it. Now it's an iHad.

Stu: Tough shit Dude
by Aristarkus March 23, 2010
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A religion yet to be invented to unite both moslems and jews with common beliefs so that the world can finally live in peace.
Dan: What sect are these crazy hippies from?
Fred: They are believers of Jewslam.
by Aristarkus January 11, 2009
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The first, thirteenth, seventeenth and twenty-first word of this sentence and the second word for the acronym WTF (What the fuck?.
Chad: It turned out Perry was gay after all.
Tim: WTF? (What the fuck?)
by Aristarkus January 11, 2009
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