6 definitions by Archon

The ruler of you, You are a idiot if you think Archon doesnt rule, its on this freaking website
You got Ruled by Archon

Archon Rulez your ugly face
by Archon March 31, 2005
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A soccer team from Joinville, south of Brazil.
"JEC will play today..."
by Archon March 13, 2005
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A website that has a very high amount of stupid ass fan girls that submit only piece of shit fanart of anime characters such as Inuyasha or Naruto. some how they receive many watchers (followers on Deviantart), favorites and comments.
The first thing I saw on the front page of deviantart was an ugly ass fanart of InuYasha. I'm starting to really hate this website.
by Archon July 25, 2012
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1. A predecessor of the modern-day feline, one of the two species of felines that evolved from Miacis, the other species being the Hoplophoneus, of which we know the sabre toothed tiger. The descendants of Dinictus developed different assets which were to stand them in good stead. One of these was the ability to retract their claws; another was their lack of massive canines and their smaller size, which enabled the Dinictus to have a much wider diet. Dinictus' descendants, in the Miocene Age, divided into approximately 90 sub species which are directly related to today's cats, and of which about 35 species still recognizably exist.

2. Dinictus Clock, one of the 'younger' members of the Clock Crew, as Archon Clock, one of the Guardians of B.
"I, Dinictus Clock, hereby grant to thee thine access to the Tree of B. Behold Its glory, Its Light. But draw not your knowledge from it... merely thine wisdom."
by Archon November 01, 2003
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1. To be done, finshed or over.
v. "Stick a fork in me"

In reference to a piece of meat or sausage, whereby one sticks a fork in it to test if it is properly cooked.
"I'm done. Stick a fork in me. It's been grand!" - Christian Slater, Pump Up The Volume, 1990
by Archon March 21, 2004
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