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A mix between phat and ugly. As in something cool but ugly.
by Apu November 6, 2004
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when a girl shaves her hairy bush with 2 or 3 stripes leading to her cooter
Oh man, I went down on this girl and she had racing stripes.
by Apu February 13, 2003
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Info on a persons past activities whether embarassing or harmful depending on the story being told.
I'll give you some dirt on that girl there. In high school she was the class slut. Stay away from that cooter.
by Apu February 22, 2003
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Lulu is an annoying spoilt little gronk that doesn’t care about anyone besides herself. She doesn’t do anything for anyone and if she doesn’t get her way you’re literally dead. She is also known as a toilet
Lulu is also known as a toilet since it does mean toilet
by Apu February 19, 2019
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when you've had too much to drink and have a girl back home and cant get it up to perform the deed
Dude, last night when i brought that girl home I had a case of the whiskey dick.
by Apu February 16, 2003
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Marijuana.Coined by Seb Demian aka 835 of the International Friends and popularized in the graffiti feature film "Bomb the System."
Is Bill Gates home? I got to pick up some Get Well Soon.
by Apu January 7, 2005
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Someone who doesn't get out in the sun very often. Commonly seen transferring TI-83 calculator games to each other at lunch and communicating via PalmPilot, indoor kids have a tendancy to favor more lethargic activities including video games, coughpotatoeing, etc.
Hey, look at that lunch table. It's Schram and her cronies chatting with each other with their PalmPilots.
by Apu September 29, 2004
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