Perhaps the best feeling oral sex possible. Ball licking is most commonly used when a female is on her knees gently licking the balls of her partner.
Bitch, lick my fucking balls. Ball licking is awesome! Oh and gimme a handjob while you do it. Oh and felch on my asshole. Lovsies.
by Thomps August 31, 2006
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An absolute douche of a person, a total dickwad, the kind of guy that buys Spanish Fly from online shops.
“Who’s that fuckin idiot at the end of the bar who keeps pointing at chicks and screaming ‘Titty fuck that bitch?” “Don’t know some Ball Lick Mahoney wandered in from Tard city.”
by Mr doses September 5, 2019
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When one male, often resembling a mole, by choice or otherwise, licks another males genitals while attending band camp from grades 7-9
Man did you hear about last weekends band camp ball lick?
by Big Tunaaa February 5, 2010
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Also can mean; sucks, lame; etc.
The Madonna concert licked balls, so I left early.
by Mike.D May 8, 2005
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the art of being something, lousy, terrible, lame; not very good
"Do you like Guns n' Roses?"
"No, they lick balls"
by Captain Undies November 8, 2004
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Another way of saying, Fuck you
Lick balls (When you say fuck you, that's all you gotta say) In-cace your confused, here's an example. Lick balls, i'm not gonna give you a fuckin dime bitch!
by Mike.D April 28, 2005
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