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Someone who is crippled or handicapped but takes offense at those terms and prefers "handicapable."
Adam tore his Achilles tendon and can't walk, but thinks he can. He says he's not handicapped, he claims to be handicapable.
by Anti AMac November 14, 2007

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The DNA which allows one to get wasted one night, recover, and then get one's drink on the next night.
Craig: Adam, you want to go to the club tonight and get our drink on?

Adam: Dude, I got wasted last night. Once I became 33 years old, my rally gene left my body. I can't get my drink on two nights in a row.
by Anti AMac November 16, 2007

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Dude who gets psycho stoned and/or drunk, thinks he's a rock star, and acts like an assclown.
Adan was wasted at the IU game and said, "I'm gonna rock out with my cock out" before he fondled his friends' wives and urinated in their cars.
by Anti AMac November 15, 2007

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