A person who is homosexual.

AN: gay lesbian lesbo and several other variations.
"Man, Cons is so fruity in the booty!"
by Morgan March 22, 2005
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Fruity in the bootie is when a girl is very obviously fruity but says she’s not but then just exist in the most fruity way possible.
Maddie stop lying we all know your fruity in the bootie.
by Maddieisfruutyinthebootie July 18, 2022
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Slang. It’s what you say when you see someone’s ass you like.
Damn bro! Look at that ass! Tooty fruity what a booty! Wym? It’s what you say when you see someone’s ass you like. Ahh ok lmao
by B-rizzle October 29, 2019
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some who acts like a fag or is too gay to cope with
man,hes freaking me out because hes such a fucking fruity booty
by k-a-y-l-a July 6, 2006
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When doing your girl in the ass/doggy style, whip a banana out of your pocket and slowly shove it in her and yell "YOU GOTS A FRUITY BOOTY!"
Last night I was getting tired of fucking her, so I pulled out my lunch and gave her a fruity booty.
by tucancum August 20, 2007
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A white girl who has an ass but not as intense as that of a darker skinned woman. It's perfectly toned and round. Guys love it when the girls wear heels to push that booty upp!
"Have you seen Alexis' ass?"
"Man that's not an ass, that's a Fruity Booty!"
by Crossin'Borders August 14, 2009
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