A person who is homosexual.

AN: gay lesbian lesbo and several other variations.
"Man, Cons is so fruity in the booty!"
by Morgan March 21, 2005
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Anybody or anyone or any person or any group of people who likes anal sex, it could be a heterosexual person or a homosexual person(lesbians ladies or gay guys) or even bisexual or transgenders but most often used for a gay guy or gay guy couple or 2 gay guys who only hooked up for sex and someone else knows about it and is spoke of in a sentence.
Ex. 1; Them two guys over there are fruity in the booty, I saw them fucking in front of the mirror in the bathroom. ,2; Girl them 2 girls over there posted a video of them rimming and pegging each other's asses, so yeah they fruity in the booty. ,3: This girl so fruity in the booty she begged me to creampie her booty I even got the recording of her begging. ,4: Girl I found out my hubby is bisexual, look he so fruity in the booty I caught him getting fucked by a tranny, so he getting tested and I bought a strap-on to peg him with, he Gon be sorry he cheated on me I'mma tear his ass up, I also bought a chastity cage, ball gag, cuffs n this thingy here, he don't even know it but he Gon get punished.
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by Anonygnostymo217 August 05, 2018
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