4 definitions by Annie W.

The act of expelling a man's ejaculate by way of qweefing.
I filled that ho up with my cum, then she qweemed all over my face. I should have slapped her.
by Annie W. June 3, 2007
Elizama, she is gorgeous with a beautiful soul. She smiles with her light brown eyes. She has an earthy vibe - calm, peaceful, zen and balanced. She is always down for a fun time either hiking or drinking and dancing the night away. She is an animal lover and has a black cat name Pepe Le Pew 🐈 ⬛ whom she loves dearly. She is brave and always overcomes hardships in life. She is that friend you will consider as your soul sister <3
That’s my sweet friend, Elizama!
by Annie W. November 23, 2021
A gay Mexican man who only dates Asian men, or vice versa.
"Juan and Ton are always holding hands in public. That Mexican Rice might last forever."
by Annie W. November 5, 2007
Someone who engages in hardcore partying, including tons of alcohol, drugs, and sex.
1. "We're going to have so much fun tonight, I doubt we will even remember it. We're gonna party like rockstars!!!"
2. "Did you see those guys? They went to 6 parties last night, came in trashed, and had 1 girl in each arm. I guess they partied like rockstars."
by Annie W. May 11, 2007