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1. The identification of a person by their habitual coffee drink order.

2. A fake name used when ordering coffee drinks.
1. (at coffee chain store) "They didn't ask you what drink you wanted." "Nah, they know my chai-dentity here."

2. "Why does it say 'Tom Petty' on the side of your Starbucks cup?" "Dude, that's my chai-dentity."
by Anna LeStache January 09, 2010

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Term to describe a man's rear end that looks curiously like a woman's backside.
"Dude, I saw Ted on the slopes today and, from behind, I thought he was your sister!"

"Oh, yeah, Ted's got total lady-butt."
by Anna LeStache February 21, 2010

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The channel of foul smell that flows behind a person who, for whatever reason, smells really bad.
Trying to get to the locker room, I got stuck in a sweaty basketball player's stench wake. Ew!
by Anna LeStache March 21, 2010

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A relentless pursuit to purchase a particular item, no matter what lengths or methods are required to secure it in the desired size and color. Includes sub-categories such as shoe jihad, jean jihad, etc.
"I don't care if they're sold out - I will not call off my shopping jihad until I find those Chanel flats in pink patent leather...size 9!"
by Anna LeStache February 22, 2010

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A sharp, piercing sound that assaults one's ear like a projectile.
"Dude, turn down your ringer! You just lodged a noise shard in my ear."
by Anna LeStache January 13, 2010

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The tenderness in one's fingertip and fingernail that results from inflating and knotting a large number of balloons.
Helping set up for my nephew's birthday party gave me a wicked case of balloon finger.
by Anna LeStache May 11, 2010

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The first baby born into a group of female friends. The use of the word "beta" implies that the arrival of this child will bring out a variety of friends' personal issues and test the strength of the bonds that hold the group together.
Friend #1: "Angie never has time to go out with us anymore. She was a lot more fun before she became a mom."

Friend #2: "Uh-oh, sounds like someone's resenting the beta baby."
by Anna LeStache April 19, 2011

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