16 definitions by Ankylosaurus

(n.) A butthole completely filled with molasses, syrup, or any other sticky substance.

(n.) A name used interchangeably with "asshole."
1. Guy 1: So...I fucked that girl you were after last night.
Guy 2: God damn it. You're such a fucking molasshole.

2. Guy 1: I gave Jenny a molasshole last night
Guy 2: Did you use syrup or jizz?
by Ankylosaurus February 22, 2010
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(n.) A person who can only tolerate a small amount of drugs, alcohol, etc.
(n.) A lightweight
Jimmy: Where's Carl?
Ron: He passed out after like 3 beers, man.
Jimmy: What a substance toddler!
by Ankylosaurus February 22, 2010
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(n.) Any bad-smelling scenario.
Dave: It smells so fucking bad!
Charley: Yeah no shit! It smells like a pile of ass in here!
by Ankylosaurus February 25, 2010
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(n.) A pet name for the penis, taken from that of the dinosaur Pterodactyl

(n.) A penis resembling that of a prehistoric bird's beak
Kim: I finally saw Josh's penis last night
Amy: Really?! Was it big?
Kim: Well...it wasn't so much as big as....oddly shaped. It looked like a bird's beak...
Amy: Pterocockdyl!
by Ankylosaurus February 25, 2010
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(n.) The act of combining Cradle and Upper Deck, thus ruining a toilet completely.
Guy 1: Have you seen the bathroom?
Guy 2: No what happened to it?
Guy 1: Someone destroyed it...with shit. They cradled it AND upper decked it.
by Ankylosaurus February 25, 2010
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(n.) This act must be performed carefully and tediously. It involves lifting up a toilet seat, pooping in a neat circle on the rim of the toilet, and then closing the toilet seat on top of the poop, creating an oreo-like shit cookie.
Guy 1: I walked into the bathroom earlier and could NOT find the source of the terrible smell
Guy 2: I know what it is. *Lifts up toilet seat to reveal poop.*
Guy 3: Someone's been brown lassoing the toilets in here repeatedly.
by Ankylosaurus February 25, 2010
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(n.) A grossly or overly hairy ass; an ass that is completely covered with hair, thus covering any skin and only showing the thick mat of hair grown on top; a hairy ass which causes excess sweating
1. John: Dude, is your ass hairy?
George: Are you kidding me? I have an ass sweater!

2. Paul: It's fucking hot out!
George: Yeah, and it doesn't help that I'm wearing an ass sweater!
by Ankylosaurus February 22, 2010
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