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A way to cleanse your soul of all sorrow that has been burdened on you.
After my mom yelled at me, I needed to cry.
by Angus the SuperDuck June 21, 2005

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A condition where women, before their period, experience these symptoms:

A- Anxiety: irritable, crying without reason, verbally and sometimes physically abuse, feeling "out of control", or Dr. Jekyl-Mr. Hyde behavior changes.

D- Depression: confused, clumsy, forgetful, withdrawn, fearful, paranoid, suicidal thoughts and rarely suicidal actions.

C- Cravings: food cravings, usually for sweets or chocolate; dairy products including cheese, and on occasion, alcohol or food in general.

H- Heaviness or Headache: Fluid retention leading to headache, breast tenderness, abdominal bloating and weight gain.

But not as many women as people believe have PMS. Sometimes people are just bitchy because things are happening in their lives. But with all those symptoms, it's hard not to feel crappy and mean, no?
PMS is no excuse to be a bitch. Suck it up.
by Angus the superduck June 10, 2005

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Dropping out of the middle of a race without seeing the wonderful things between there and the end.
My friend commited suicide and I miss him so.
by Angus the SuperDuck June 21, 2005

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Nickname for graffitti.
Girl: Let's go graff up the school tonight.
Boy: Sure, I'll get the spraypaint.
by Angus the superduck June 10, 2005

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A type of music which is similar to classic punk rock music, except with appealing vocals/instrumentals. Because the genre is catchy, lots of people listen to it. This irritates others, because punk isn't supposed to be popular.
People who listen to pop-punk normally know that they themselves and the bands they listen to are not punk, they just listen to the music because they like it (or they listened to real punk and didn't like it too much). Most actually respect punk rock bands, just choose not to listen to them. The same probably goes for the band.
Pop punk bands (that are good if you give them a chance):
The Offspring, Sum 41 (not the early Sum 41), Green Day, Blink-182 (early).
Stuff that is sadly in the same category: Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, New Found Glory.
by Angus the Superduck September 11, 2005

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A crazy girl who has moved multiple places but now is living in the suburbs of Chicago. Her kicking abilities are known throughout the land and have given many bruises to many people. She can make her eyes go extremely crazy and the next moment like a puppy. Her catchphrase is "STOP ITTTTT!"

Which makes us all collapse into laughter.
I led a happy life before Muzzio. Now it is filled with tap-dancing turtles and insanely small dogs and bruises EVERYWHERE.
by angus the superduck March 27, 2005

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Something the U.S. loves to drop on innocent countries.
I hate bombing children.
by Angus the Superduck August 23, 2005

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