E-Stim is the name given to the practice of using electrical stimulation applied to the body often for sexual and other pleasurable purposes. Through the use of electrodes or other equipment attached to genitalia, electricity is used as an auto-erotic (masturbation) activity.

Equipment used in e-stim vary from low-voltage TENS Units (Transcutaneous Electric Neural Stimulators) to high voltage but low current Violet Wands to computers. Some users even develop their own equipment.

EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION - Electricity and Genitalia generally DON'T Mix! May cause long-term damage.
When Bob e-stims, he can edge an orgasm for hours.
by The KG January 23, 2008
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e-stim is the application of electric shocks to a guy's cock, balls, tits, and asshole to force him to have an electro-gasm.
Some of my roomies bought an electro-sex kit, and they used it on me -- using e-stim on my c-spot and nut-sack, they made me cum five times and I also had multiple dry-gasms!
by USAF Cadet July 29, 2021
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