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Something filled with a fluid substance, such as water.
These grapes are waterful.
by Angela February 28, 2005
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someone whos got a lot of work(freaks), but they are not a hoe. basically pimpin hella niggas at one time, not necessarily fuckin them
Janan and Angela are the queen work masters. we got hella niggas on our team.
by Angela March 16, 2004
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a chinese gurl that goes to my scool who is very easily amused lol haha yayan
by Angela May 24, 2004
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acronym for YorkDale, a sik mall in Toronto that carries all the brands you could ever imagine.
by Angela April 23, 2005
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I saw Shen and fainted....his outer beauty just sent me to a comma...that hot!!!
by Angela February 3, 2004
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