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a very lame lie - where the person telling the lie sadly and quite erroneously believes that they have convinced the person hearing the lie of it's truth.
Pete failed to convince again as he told yet another shameless barrold.
by Angela June 6, 2003
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HOTT in a crack addict kinda way.
bert mccracken is hot.
by Angela February 10, 2005
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its when someone is on someone super tough, checkin em out, wanting to holla at em but won't.. but makes it obvious so that person will come talk to them instead.. basically jockin' someone, crushin on em..
Terrell was chillin at the club lookin good and hella bitches were starin at him, choosin... wanting to talk to him, but all acted scared.
by Angela January 4, 2005
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a strong suggestion to avoid a person at all costs.
Behind Susie's back Wilkie formed the two-fingered x sign above her head - blackflagging her in no uncertain terms to Jimmy who had approached unsuspectingly with the intention of spading her.
by Angela June 6, 2003
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convince another person that all the stuff you just made up is in fact true and worthy.
caught in a tight spot, Harry blagged his way through the conversation and somehow got the job.
by Angela June 6, 2003
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Also know as Hazel Park Michigan a shitty as 2 mile by 2 mile city where 50 % of the population is skanky whores who give head for fun due to their fetish for dicks !!
by Angela August 31, 2003
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a person that continuously likes to hump someone, aka katie bischoff.
Someone who cannot live without hardcore humping.
Mom the humpdiddleree is after me !!! AHHH HELP
kt: its ok it wont be long

LOL JK i love you katie !! -- funny stuff though (insider)
by Angela January 28, 2005
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