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1. An evil atmosphere, perhaps haunted by evil spirits or having a history of bad luck, or some dark history of past events (such as haunted by a murdered soul); 2. A bad situation. A situation you should get away from, because it's harming you; 3. A person's very bad attitude or ill intentions toward you, or toward people generally.
1. This place has bad mojo, and they say it's haunted. 2.That's some bad mojoβ€”don't get involved. 3. That guy is bad mojoβ€”you should get away from him. He is bad news. He is out to hurt you.
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by Ewizobeth June 04, 2018
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Going BadMojo means sulking because you lost. Cant lose with grace or style.

When someone loses at something they think their good at and take their ball and go home, or unplug the computer they are BadMojo. "That guy has BadMojo he so hates to lose".
BadMojo's are fantastic winners but terrible losers.
by Wayne Christensen May 14, 2006
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