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A contraction of ego and onanism. The act of self gratifying one's ego.
David reposted his old poetry and then posted about his reposting it. He's just indulging in egonanism.
by Angatkuq February 24, 2011
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A lover of redheads aka gingers
Nate: I have such a thing for redheads
David: I know can you believe there isn't a term for that?

Nate: Wow someone should make one!
David: Well, Kokkinomallis means red head in Greek. I guess we could just add a -phile at the end.
Nate: Are you saying I'm a kokkinomalliphile?
David: I guess I am Nate.
by Angatkuq December 25, 2012
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A phrase referring to a nonsensical fictitious event. Frequently a tall tale told by someone else. Sometimes just used as a silly non sequitur.
John told his co-workers another ludicrous tale of bravado. Little does he know they all laugh behind his back at his pickle in the ear stories.
by Angatkuq October 25, 2010
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A population control method. Whereby everyone is sterilized at birth. When they can afford to reverse the procedure they have proven themselves ready and fit to reproduce.
If people are serious about population control they will need to decide between economic darwinism or some other method that may be race or religion based.
by Angatkuq January 26, 2011
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