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A concom lubricated with Frank's Redhot Sauce.
Honey, are you up for a few Red Hot Shishkabobs tonight?
by Andy K May 11, 2004
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When sex is going and 1 of the 2 people involved is extremely fat. The term auto-safety refers to the fat acting as an airbag when the humping is too hard
Sex with me is auto-safety.
by Andy K April 07, 2004
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Titty fucking an old lady and using her loose skin as a condom
Im gonna go wrinkle pound your grandma.
by Andy K May 16, 2004
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excess skin hanging from the pussy
See beef curtain
Dude, ur moms pork flap is huge!
by Andy K March 28, 2004
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When a man blindfold a woman and instead of fucking her, he maturbates her with a lit cigar
Yo, I gave that chick a flaming fuck she'll never forget.
by Andy K March 24, 2004
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This one requires hreat sexual energy, and is performed by a man.

#1. A man begins by beating off
#2. He fucks a woman, normally, in the twat.
#3. He does her in the butt.
#4. He sticks it in her mouth. (lol imagine being the girl)
#5. She sucks him off a second time, while he attempts to escape from a straight jacket and being tied to a pole with chains and shackles.
#6. Realizing that the man must be tired and out of semen, just 2 make him fee like shit, all the women within a 1 mile radius come and suck on his cock, but he does not get off, he is blue balled every time.
Wow man, if you can do the obstacle course and live to tell about it, your a lucky man.
by Andy K April 05, 2004
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a large knife (much like a machete) specialized for cutting open one's asshole in order to cure his or her constipation when the pills just aren't working
Goddamn, I had too many bean borritos, Im gonna need a mashitty.
by Andy K May 19, 2004
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