A term for gay people to use when they have to hide their homosexuality for some reason.
My mom is coming into town so me and my boyfriend Keith had to put on our straight jackets and pretend we're just roommates.
by JoeO December 8, 2007
A jacket designed not to allow a person to move freely and specifically designed for you not to see your belly button.
(This is because women go crazy over the fact lint gets into their belly button, they will be driven off to the loony bin)
This jacket is also specifically designed for you to see only your feet and toes.
(It is thought that this calms people down)
I had to call to get her put In a straight jacket.
She found another piece of lint in her bellybutton
I guess she will be staring at her feet the rest of her time in the straight jacket.
by Jacket of the belly button March 31, 2021
A term that is used when a homosexual person is surrounded on all sides by heterosexual persons in an intimate setting.
"So how did hanging out with your friends go last night?"

"It sucked, i was straight jacketed because my best friend and his girlfriend were on one side, and my other best friend was listening to his iPod on my other side while we were on the sofa watching a movie."
by Cardi March 3, 2007
Someone you can be yourself around, and let out any emotions you consider to be crazy. Someone who loves you for the real you, even the problems you have.
After all this time, I never thought we would become straight jacket friends. I love you for being the beautiful person you are.
by coldgasmask408 January 15, 2011
Anything crazy or twisted that ignites or fuels a person’s sexual interest.
He would wait for hours, just hoping that someone deranged would emerge from the darkened asylum so he could snap a pic and add it to his straight jacket porn collection.
by Dr Bunnygirl May 29, 2019
A jacket specifically designed for you not to be able to move your arms, body and specifically see your belly button, body, and only be able to see your feet. (Mostly used on for people who go insane because of: Belly button lint) (The belly button lint in women drives them to insanity) (People seeing their own feet is thought to calm them down)
I heard they put her in a straight jacket in the loony bin.
She can no longer see her belly button in that straight jacket of hers.
I had to call to put that woman in a straight jacket, so that belly button lint stops and she can see her toes to calm down.
by Jacket of the belly button March 31, 2021