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a person who overestimates their own importance and exhibits arrogant or pompous behavior
aka lunchmeat
That self-important bitch just cut in front of us in line; she's too busy lunchmeating on her cell phone to notice anyone but herself.
by andy M April 02, 2004

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Like a normal backslap, only harder, and thus more painful.
"By the time this loads I could Korean Backslap her 5 times!"
by Andy M August 18, 2003

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A homosexual; a gentleman who enjoys clearing out a fellow gentleman's "chimney". The exchange of monies is not always necessary. The term is derived from the chocolate colour of the "chimney"
"Shut up Steve, you chocolate chimney sweep." or "Go sweep some chocolate chimneys you fudge packing ass bandit."
by Andy M December 04, 2003

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easy + bone
indicates that either someone is an easy lay or that someone is well-worth laying
Jon: ezbone

Rob: Jess is teh ezbone 4 real
Mike: Whats her #??
by Andy M November 21, 2005

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The human female genitalia
"So have you ever drank from the furry cup of love?"
by Andy M December 04, 2003

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acting like a lunchmeat
eg, talking loudly on cell phone about stupid, pointless shit, or just acting like a dumb ditz
Look at all those idiot girls lunchmeating across the restaurant.. we're nearly 50 feet away, and I can STILL hear their retarded laughter.
by andy M April 02, 2004

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alternative spelling of "excellent"
jobob: lol the boss just got extradicted to somalia
jodeen: xln
by Andy M November 11, 2005

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