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instant arousing caused by a she female:
"Cecilie was so damn hot at the party last nite, she almost gave me a hard attack in front of everyone"
by Androix October 02, 2009

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One’s body shaking from excitement and enthusiasm before the start of a new Southpark episode
- Come on, dude get that Coke and PopCorn, kill the lights and please shut up, Southpark’s about to start any minute now. I've seen a thousand times this episode, and it just gets better, man.

- Dude, you’re all shaking and shit. You must suffer from a deadly form of southparkinson
by Androix October 26, 2009

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Pancakes made of paper sheets rolled & filled with cum, prepared right after you masturbate. Served hot.
Andrew: So, dude, wanna drop by for dinner ?
Virgil: Well, that depends, what do you have?
Andrew: Some fried chicken, and some tuna tongue
Virgil: Oh, actually, I’m a vegetarian, so…
Andrew: How about some paper pancakes then?
by Androix October 09, 2009

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The incapability of opening the fridge, caused by the sheer panic that all the guests invited at your party are now in the kitchen, and they most probably will eat all your food
- Andrew, do you have anything to eat sweetheart?
- How many times did I tell you not to use the word “food” anymore?
- But, honey, I haven’t. I was just asking…
- Than shut the fuck up, I’m having a fridge fright
by Androix October 08, 2009

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When you write something very important to a person in Yahoo Messenger, and that person says nothing, but in stead, she gives you a link to a video on youtube, that has nothing to do with what you just said
Andrew_1907: Simone, I really have to admit that… how should I put it… I feel so inlove right now

Simone_angel: (link)

Andrew_1907: Oh, great tune. I like the video too. Cool... video response.
by Androix October 06, 2009

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