7 definitions by Anastasia

a newbie/too young boy(age)without knowledge on sth ...
usually it's used to bring sb down..
u r nini yet!!! hahaha!!!
by Anastasia May 07, 2005
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when an older guy (like senior in hs)goes for a younger girl( like a freshman)
Alex went fishin on the 1st day of school to check out if there were anygood catches.
by Anastasia August 13, 2004
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said when you are close to the edge and can't take anymore
fuck me harder now you're going to make me explode
by Anastasia April 08, 2005
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Jessica's Simpson's way of saying God
Oh my Gah!! He stole my car!!

I swear to Gah I did not do it
by Anastasia March 09, 2005
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Main Entry: Hefferthrusherment
Pronunciation: 'heff-er-thrush-er-ment'
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin Heffersher
Date: 14th century
1 : upsidedown I 1
2 : often capitalized : Chris is retarded
I love you Chris, but i had to do it.
by Anastasia November 04, 2004
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it is short type from "who fucks u??"
it is used to make sb feel that he is unuseful and unimportant.
j:i don't agree with u...
j:noone fucks me :-(
s:hehe!i know!!... :-P
by Anastasia March 18, 2005
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the new term for a wigger. Rolls off the tongue easier. The way you would say wigger to a friend rather than an enemy.
Girl #1: Wow, that Matt, he's such a wia...
Girl #2: I know...it's pretty cool isn't it? He's so white...yet he acts so black....mm mm mm
by Anastasia April 05, 2004
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