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The most popular name in west African. It means mine. Could be masculine or feminine and is incomplete by itself. Always used with another name.
by TDontGiveADamn May 22, 2017
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A Boomting Gal Who Makes The Boys Turn. She is Always Seen Wearing The Best Brands. From Juicy Couture To Ralph Lauren To Chanel Everybody Wants To Be Dis Girl. She Has Back Of Which Means Most Girls Are Jealous Of Her. The Dutty Wine Wont Be The Only Thing Turniin The Boys Heads When Temi is Around :D
" Damn i Wish i Wass A Temi "
" Temi Has Entered The Buildin "
" i Am So Jealous Of Temi "
by Temiii May 24, 2008
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A boomting boy who makes the girls "TURN". He's always seen wearing the best brands. From juicy couture to Ralph Lauren to Chanel Everybody wants to be this boy. He has back of which means most boys are jealous of him. The dutty wine won't be the only thing turniin the girls heads when TEMI is around
"Aargh I wish I was a Temi "

" Temi has entered the Building "

" I am so jealous of Temi
by Temisax December 02, 2016
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He is the pengest boy you will ever come across his face might not interest the gals but his six pack and athleticism always turns them on. He has the most sidemen and the biggest heart. Beware of him he is great when he is your friend but you don't want to get on his bad side.
" I saw temi last week we watched a movie"
by Bangernames January 02, 2019
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I am yours and will be 4 ever............Lads
I love YOU........
by Lads February 12, 2004
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A girl who is very popular and always has her hair done. She always has a nigga and is a pretty baby. She's innocent, a baddie and mentally strong too. She loves music and is always falling in and out of love. This funny bitch can sometimes get on your nerves but she is still peng, freaky and kind.
Did you hear about what Temi's been getting up to?
by FreakyBoo😍🌊 April 14, 2019
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Commonly seen as a firm heterosexual male who deep down is a clear homosexual. A Temis would commonly compensate for their sexuality by boasting about the female relations he recently had. They are also known to communicate in a non caring 'fake' manner in order to gain more socialisation with his 'friends'.
A: I went to a club and there was women like you wouldn't believe.
B: Did you score?
A: A few girls but that's just how it is with me.
B: *rolls eyes* Sure Temis.
by weeeezy April 11, 2010
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