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What a person of Jamaican decent says when he is asked to stop standing around with his hands in his pockets and help some customers.
Boss: "Suphel" please stop standing around with your hands in your pockets and help some customers.

"Suphel": Calm down, calm down, no need for the hostility.

Boss: What? I'm not being hostile. I'm telling you to do what I pay you to do.

((a little later))
"Suphel" (in H.R. office): Dat man needs to calm down and stop the picking on me. I do my job.

((next day))
Boss: "Suphel", what did I do to deserve being investigated?

"Suphel": Calm down, calm down. No need for the hostility, mahn.

Boss (exasperated): Fine, do whatever you want. But, so you know, reviews are coming up.

"Suphel": Calm down, calm down....
by AmericanAndProudOfIt August 7, 2006
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A way for a military-American to tell a non-military American, "That's just war lingo, son." Bastardized by American gangster-wannabe youths who think they invented everything.
Vietnam Vet: We lit up those slants and toasted some marshmallows!

American Civilian: What did he say?

Other Vet: Oh, it's a Nam sayin'. He just said that we dropped some napalm on some Viet Cong guerillas and watched them die in the resulting fire.

American Civilian: HAHAHAHAHA!

by AmericanAndProudOfIt July 19, 2006
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what all the people (who think replacing the 's' with a 'z' in or at the end of words makes them sound cooler) should do.
Yo, yo, yo, mah niggaz! W'zzzzzzzaaaaaaaap?!

F'shizzle m'nizzle. Zit down and have yourzelf a nize cool one!

Oh, shut up you guys, you're not even black. Why don't you two go jumpoff a tall building.
by AmericanAndProudOfIt July 19, 2006
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meaningless computer symbols all lined up in a row. Not a form of regular communication that any person would be able to actually verbally say to anyone else. Not a pair of roses. Not a Happy Valentine's Day. Meaningless garbage.
<ring, ring, ring, ri->
doll: Hi, honey! (seeing number on caller i.d.)


doll: What? Say something, dude, I can't hear you!


doll: Listen, dude, I'm sorry, but if you're not going to speak to me then I'm just going to go out with bro'.

dude:@@}==}==-- !!!!!

doll: I'm hanging up now, dude..... goodbye.... <click!>
by AmericanAndProudOfIt August 7, 2006
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another dumbass shortening of several words, because the damn kids these days are too damn lazy to type out a full word. God damn it.
we so kl. w007!

Don't you mean w00t, or whatever the hell it is?

w007 is the same but sounds cooler, noob.

Oh, yes. I'm the literate noob, which makes you...

f/u noob! w00t! w00t!

jesus christ, another damn punk online... what else is new...
by AmericanAndProudOfIt July 19, 2006
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A place to go get a nice, juicy steak.
Wow, the prime rib is sooooo good at the LongHorn Steakhouse.
by AmericanAndProudOfIt July 19, 2006
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