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A TV show featuring 100 little blue communists, two of which are female. Smurfs are led by a dictator and sometimes by Trotsky, when the dictator's off smurfing the town bitch. Always use "smurf" in place of any word possible.
"I smurfed that li'l smurf down by that creek."
"Holy smorf!"
"I got my li'l smurf stuck in his smurfhole. It smurfed. There was smurf everywhere."
"You smurfed HIM?"
"Oh my smurf! He smurfed Smurffy!
by Amber Almighty June 04, 2004

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A dark grey video gaming console that demands your respect and attention.

(also has a knack for collecting fuzz)
Hey, how'd all that fuzz get in there?
by Amber Almighty January 17, 2005

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One often female and found at sport tournaments shrieking and bouncing and waving retarded poofy-things. When not at games, the cheerleader can be found in groups in the back of a car making love with a jock. Cheerleaders are often screaming at the top of their lungs in a way to express excitement.
See Bitch
by Amber Almighty June 04, 2004

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A highly social person often having every cheerleader in existence in bed with him usually at the same time. Natural enemy of the nerd
See dipshit
by Amber Almighty June 04, 2004

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A hair color. Any shade of gold, in fact. Some blondes even have brown hair...Or at least they're brunettes that have been considered blondes. Me? I'm a natural blonde, and seldom have I ever came across a "blond" insult/joke directed at me. However, I've had several encounters with those worthless STEREOPTYPES, hanging around the halls, squealing over NOTHING (gaah...Loud noises...Eek!)and talking over mindless FOOL matters. Worthless conformists! Thanks to YOU, all lame, pathetic jokes are directed towards US! And you're not even BLONDE, you walking wads of chemicals! But you are here to serve a purpose...TO MAKE ME FEEL SUPERIOR!!!
Which I am, thank you! *Beaming grin*
Seeing how the vast majority of the world has black hair, I'd say it's the black-haired people who are stupider on average.
by Amber Almighty December 29, 2004

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An evil being sent by Martians to destroy earth. Poodles are not dogs, contrary to popular belief, but are actually a relative of the spotted hyena. Poodles are generally quite small and armed with their hideous high-pitched yapping and razor-sharp teeth.
Billy, you get that poodle out of your nose right this instant!
by Amber Almighty June 28, 2004

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Heh heh heh heh...eHEH ha ha!! WA HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! heehee! HAHAHAHA! WAHAHAAHAHAHAH!

You poor, stupid fool!
Heh heh heh heh heh...
by Amber Almighty December 29, 2004

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