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a pill to take for all those people out there with small dicks who need to make them smaller
"My boyfriend isnt small enough, I need to get him some anti-viagra"
by Amanda December 11, 2004
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basically anything that you want it to be. can be placed anywhere in a sentence depending on how you use it.
I will beat the ynah out of you! (ynah being used as f*ck)
by Amanda November 05, 2003
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overrated. Religion has been presented through out history as 'the way of life' or 'the true way to be happy after life'. In reality it is a way to manipulate, govern, and generally hate others without the normally required guilt. One may be allowed to participate in one religion, as all others are wrong. If one does not believe in a certain religion, they are doomed to eternal suffering. Religion has caused wars, death, murder, violence, riots, and general chaos through out history. For a purpose which was invented by man to potentially conform the masses to their every will.
The Crusades... The huge war for the "Holy Land" because of the Christian religion
by Amanda April 27, 2006
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If female, means extremely slutty with an oral fixation. If male, means a huge nerd, lightweight, who is possibly homosexual.
Mrs. Hay came over last night and smoked the hell out of my pole. OR Hay is at home playing video games while hanging out w/ his female friends, then passing out after 3 beers.
by Amanda February 17, 2005
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amazing homosexual music artist whos voice is beyond compair
Rufus wainwright is beyond amazing.
by Amanda June 13, 2004
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It is the substance that lubricates around the rim of the penis that helps to pull back the fourskin and cleanse it
the shmegma if not cleanses gets very cake like and makes it hard to move back the fourskin.
by amanda July 29, 2003
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its juss ur a nerdy self centered person
you are so self orthocentered!
by amanda July 16, 2003
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