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A language created by J.R.R. tolkein that was spoken by various creatures in middle earth, the alphabet tengwar was used to write it, which was an alphabet created by J.R.R. Tolkein
He was speaking Sindarin
by Jimmy Joe December 24, 2003
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Sindarin(Also called Grey-Elven) is one of the many languages the Immortal Elves or Eledhrimɛˈlɛðrim(Can also be spelled as Edhellim ɛˈðɛllim) speak. This language has a power behind it, mainly used on Itchlidin Doors to keep sacred treasures hidden.
I vâb gelebren i achortha i vorn
I = The
vâb = hand (mâb mutates to vâb with soft mutation following 'i'). This is an older word for hand, the newer word is cam. This shows that the speaker is older (which he is).
gelebren = silvery (celebren mutates to gelebren with soft mutation as it's an adjective modifying 'hand')
i = that ('i' also acts as the relative pronoun, which it is here)
achortha = it urges back, drives back. This is the verb hortha- = to urge on, speed on + the prefix ad- = back, again
i = the
vorn = dark, black (morn mutates to vorn with soft mutation following 'i')

This is an exampe of Sindarin.
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by LoreOfThings May 06, 2018
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