7 definitions by Alyssia Lui

it is similar to angrily
Pissedly, she glared at her friend
by Alyssia Lui February 7, 2008
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suggestive of an innuendo
Boy 1: Let's make up weird pickup lines
Boy 2: Okay
Boy 1: "Let me stick my pin your cushion"
Boy 2: That would just innuendoish enough to make it.
by Alyssia Lui May 2, 2009
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the actions you do while your in the bathroom, eg. bathe, brush teeth, etc.
Did you do all your bathroomations today?? Your breath stinks
by Alyssia Lui February 7, 2008
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You Had To Be There... said when there's an inside joke among friends that someone just doesnt get
It was so funny. uh2bt
by Alyssia Lui February 7, 2008
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When you realize the answer to a question right after you ask it.
Boy walks in with a Barbie backpack.
Boy 1: Who's backpack did you steal?
Boy 2: My sisters' 'cause mine tore.
Boy 1: Ya, prealized that.
by Alyssia Lui May 6, 2009
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laugh-out-loud-out-loud. It's when you actually lol outloud while chatting with someone
That was so funny i LOLOL'ed
by Alyssia Lui January 26, 2008
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