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A term used to describe a ethnic group of men with pale gigantic penis and balls. Most having red hair and beards. But don't worry about the well endowed hammer swinging below their kilt. It runs in their jeans and shows if not tucked.
Michelle is soooo lucky that she married an Irish Stallion.

Son: Why does Mike have a little one dad.

Dad: Well son Mike is not an Irish Stallion like us.

Son: Is that why you call him Vienna?

Dad: Yes.....He admires men with long rods.
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Dehner is a name for a skidmark in your underwear. Also a hersheykiss pinched between your buttcheeks or asshair.
We mooned those girls and Mike had a Dehner stuck to his cheeks.

I need to wash my underwear that tranny gave me a Dehner mark.
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Holbert is phrase used to describe a sloppy drug addict.
Jimmy is a Holbert don't trust him doing your concrete.

She looks like a holbert with those rotten teeth and pimples on her face.
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The yellowish chlamydia juice that crusts around your penis after sex with a bar whore prostitute.
Hey Sean what do you think about that skank from the bar? Well I need some help with the Kristy Crust. Damn dude you should have just pounded your pud.

Palmer: Dude what is that fishy smell?

Sean: I have Kristy Crust and it's bad.
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When a tranny farts on your balls. Or the simple act of smacking your balls off their butthole.
Man.... Jimmy looks like you got poo and corn on your shirt. Nope Kristy gave me Thunder Nuts.

Don't pull out Sean....I want to give you Thunder Nuts.
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A very good looking guy known for his chiseled body. And looks like a god, all women would love to be with him.
Who is that stud over there?
That's Joe the Guinn.

Mike was going to marry Renee but she fell in love with this tan good looking guy known for pleasure and strength. Well he must have been a Guinn. Yep!!

Who is the baddest man in Birdland? Wait must be Guinn.
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A place where drinking and fudge packing Holbert and transgenders go on until the sun comes up. Most often this behavior starts with sucking a big penis or licking a butthole.

There are a few famous crossdressers that got their start in the gay cocaine community. Like Randy and Shaggy two meat smokers that love man meat.
Hey stop touching my dick!! This is Ross Ohio it has become O.K. now Randy openly let tranny's suck him.

Dude where can I get some Kristy Crust on my dick. You don't want that. Yes I do, I have chlamydia juice from C&C already.
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