13 definitions by Alfonso T. Watt

(noun) A Sanity Assasin is defined as a person, organization or an event by which the "sanity" of the unsuspecdting public can be eviscerated, derailed, decimated or even completely obliterated by a visciously random or premeditated act of sheer terror carried out with extreme venegeance.
That sanity assasin FEMA is making millions of coffins, storing them in rural areas and operating hundreds of concentration camps within the United States in preparation for an impending change in direction for our "democracy". This will happen through mandatory innoculations, flu shots etc. as Bill Gates suggested be institued to begin reducing the prospective world population by 10-15% within 10 years.
by Alfonso T. Watt January 10, 2011
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A completely irrelevant mope of a douchebag. Cretins possess exceptionally low intelligence and street smarts, are aroused by bathroom humour and above all love to play idiotic practical jokes. A cretin is generally reared in either a rural or suburban setting and therefore lacks many social graces necessary for sexy urban life. A cretin left to it's own devices eventually implodes in on itself. Cretins require excessive amounts of ritalin and/or Flintstones chewable vitamins. Finally they tend to respond to the name Dave.
That fucktard Dave is such a cretin. He put gunpowder in all the ashtrays at the kegger over at the Cardinal Apartments last night. What a douchebag.
by Alfonso T. Watt May 11, 2010
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The resulting visual when a large gooey slimy snot is launched in a magnificent trajectory from ones nostrils due to vociferous laughing, sneezing, or crying. The trajectory has been known to reach an apogee of 3 to 4 feet above the launch site. These are especially delicious when they land on someone or something that has a deep fear of this sort of occurrence.
"Cleetus became the life of the party once he sneezed on old Mary Jane Rottencrotch and her pretty pink panties at the mixer and then landed that tremendous snot rocket on her face.
by Alfonso T. Watt December 27, 2010
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A sloppy brownish color infused with yellow, off-white, pea green and red. This color is based on a Shaver Survey of public restrooms focusing primarily on gay bars, truck stops, McDonalds and rural strip clubs.
Percy said he wanted to mix a host of colours together to achieve a ralicious "turd brown" look for his riviting portrait of Mr. Squeezer.
by Alfonso T. Watt November 08, 2010
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(noun) A piece of excrement. This word is synonomous with and can be used with reference to piles of shit, thick slimy meaty chuds, feces, poo, diharrea, Colon Blow, grunt, coilers or turds.
Dude, when I had to use the toilet at Target there was a huge slimy brownish-red chenery coiled around the bottom of the bowl smiling at me.
by Alfonso T. Watt January 31, 2011
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(verb) The act of copulation from a male perspective. Usually preceded by the word the when describing the sex act.
Bud was crazy horny and wanted to give Marge the angry inch.
by Alfonso T. Watt May 15, 2010
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