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Taking a shit. A "one wiper". Having that sharp stomach pain where you have to run to take a dump. ."
"Aw shit mang, I knew I shouldnt have had that last burrito, now as soon as I get home I be taking a grogan."
by Alex in East Los Angeles August 28, 2014
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An avalanche of fecal matter that demands being let loose from your intestines. A bowel movement which requires sprinting to the nearest bathroom.
When I went to El Pollo Loco, I knew it was a 50/50 shot. But ten minutes after downing two thighs, I sprinted to the can to let out a gigantic growler.
by Alex in East Los Angeles September 10, 2014
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Having sex with a girl, usually a one night stand or to end a long drought of not getting any.
"Hey man, why not? It's been a while and she isn't that ugly. Take her home and drop the hammer on her. It'll be good for you."
by Alex in East Los Angeles June 24, 2012
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