9 definitions by Alex Ferrana

Armor-piercing or armor-penetrating bullet.
This soldier was shot with APB from sniper rifle. And body armor can't stop the APB.
by Alex Ferrana January 15, 2017
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Twisting the strangle grip
Won't give no mercy
Feeling those tendons rip
Torn up and mean
Blastmaster racks the ground
Bent on survival
Full throttle hammers down
A deadly scream

All Guns, All Guns Blazing!

(Judas Priest - All Guns Blazing)
by Alex Ferrana January 14, 2017
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The Punisher arch-enemy. Ex-hitman of the Mafia and psycho thug with a disfigured face. His alias talk about his face disfigurement (after the Punisher smash his face against the glass table and toss Jigsaw out the window - he survive, but his face was totally disfigured with glass shards and surgeons repair it like jigsaw puzzle). Jigsaw's real name - William "Billy" Russo.
Jigsaw: I'll kill you, Castle!

Punisher: Only in your after death dreams, Jigsaw.
by Alex Ferrana January 15, 2017
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Any object or tool used as melee weapon. Examples: baseball bats, glass bottles, bricks, pens, pencils, kitchen knives, bar chairs, etc...
This guy stab my friend with a broken glass bottle. It's a dangerous improvised weapon.
by Alex Ferrana January 22, 2017
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Hollow-point bullet.
This thug was shot. In his chest was 3 HPB.
by Alex Ferrana January 15, 2017
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