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Function: noun
1 : An Ivy League University in the heart of the city of Philadelphia. Nestled within "University City," the school attracts the best and brightest, socially apt, and interesting individuals from around the globe.
2 : A Place where you receive a degree that gives you a wide variety of job options once you graduate; especially if you attend the Wharton School of Business.

Antonym: Princeton. Harvard. Yale. Dartmouth. Cornell. Columbia. Brown.

Note: University of Pennsylvania (also known as Penn or UPenn) is often confused with Penn State which is NOT an Ivy League College.

See: Ivy League
Community College Student: Brawwww! Where'd you go to college? You lookin' mighty smart in your business suit.
Penn Student: University of Pennsylvania
Community College Student: Thats pretty sweeeeet. What job you got?
Penn Student: I work on Wallstreet.
Community College Student: Wall whaaaaa- ?
by AgnesIrwinchick<3 March 30, 2008

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Nantucket is basically a small island off the coast of Massachusetts.

Nantucket is a beautiful summer vacation spot (although the locals who live there are also very nice!). Many Upper Class families from the Main Line, Connecticut, several other east-coast Upper Class regions, and (surprisingly) California.

Despite what most people have said, the families who vacation there do NOT get drunk all the time (although older teens tend to throw amazing parties). They go to Nantucket for peace and quite to get away from work and school.

The Nantucket town is rather small, but is easy to get to from any side of the island. The town is equipped with places to eat (the Boarding House, the Pearl, Rope Walk etc...) the Toy Boat (toy store), a Stop + Shop (grocery store), a local library, Force 5 Water Sports, and several small boutiques.

Alter Rock is the highest point on the island and is located in the center of the Moors (grasslands). Alter Rock is often biked to and is a popular attraction.

Nantucket is an amazing place to be during the summer.
Nantucket is my favorite place to be <3
by AgnesIrwinchick<3 March 30, 2008

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A WAAAAY better school than Baldwin or EA.

p.s. Ford08 (who is obviously a Baldwin FREAK), you didn't even spell "pathetic" correctly (just proves how much dumber Baldwin is than Irwins).
Haverford Hottie: Ew, does that loser-dork who's picking her nose and is trying to wear an xsmall -- even though she is obviously an xlarge -- go to your school, Agnes Irwin Hottie ?

Irwins Hottie: Why no, Haverford Hottie. Dorky sluts don't go to MY school. She must go to...

Haverford Hottie & Irwins Hottie: BALDWIN!
by Agnesirwinchick<3 April 04, 2008

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So I guess I would fit the perfect Main Line stereotype:
*Never been on a commercial airplane
*Never had to clean my room
*Goes to a local private school
*Dates a guy at another private school
*Is afraid of public schools (we've heard people bring guns and sell drugs there)
*Vacations to Nantucket,MA; Palm Beach, FL; Avalon, NJ; Barbados, Carribean.
*Owns 3 houses
*Belongs to Marion Cricket
*Is a legacy of an Ivy League College
*Is a prep
*Owns designer cloths

But, I have met so many more people who do NOT have the above. Unlike what other people have said, we are not self-centered bitches. We are people who actually donate millions of dollars a year to foundations and we do a lot of volunteer work. We want to HELP our community, not OWN our community. The Main Line is just where we live because there are people who are also Upper Class here. We only go to Private Schools to maximize our education, not because we are overly privileged. Despite what people say, I do not know ANYONE who lives a "perfect" life. I do not know ANYONE who is happy with their life. We do not get everything we want and we are not selfish or self-centered. WE CARE!
Baldwin Girl: Hey, whats up?
Agnes Irwin Girl: Nothing much, I just got back from volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. I just cashed in the Read for Ronald Check, it was over $10,000: A new school record. How about you?
Baldwin Girl: No way! I'm going there next week to give them a check our school raised. I was cleaning up trash from the roadsides.

Note: Both Baldwin & AIS are schools on the Main Line
by AgnesIrwinchick<3 March 30, 2008

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