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A video that shows a man taking a horse cock in his ass. In the video the man whine and cries until the horse cums in his ass. The sickest thing you will ever see a horse do. But it is also funny because it turns out that the man dies. The horse cock is so big that it rubs through the man's colon and he later dies, but not on video.
Bob: Hey Bill watch Mr.Hands it is so funny.

Bill: O.K. it sounds cool.
(next day)
Bob: Did you watch it.

Bill: Yeah, I though it was really cool. I wanna try it.

by Aeilspear March 01, 2008

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A man who controls magic. The nickname of a driver in Talledaga Nights. A person who is a master of illusion and can trick into see things that didn't really happen, just like weed.
Harry Potter is a magic man. He also cries like a bitch when he sees Voldemort.

Bob: Weed is magical. I get good ideas when I smoke it.
by Aeilspear March 01, 2008

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A person who is a carrier of AIDS, HIV and any other STI or STD. In football it is also the ball carrier or person with the ball.
mom: Jenny are you a carrier
jenny: Yeah mom i got it from billy last week and then i spread it to Tom, Gene, Finny, Jimbo and Dad.
mom: How did Dad get it.
Jenny: Me and Dad did the nasty.
by AeilSpear October 15, 2007

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A person in India who dip thier chips in shit and then eats it. A person who sticks their finger in shit and then takes a good look/sniff/lick and then whip it some where.
mom: billy have you been dipshitting again.
billy: no mom i swear that i havn't.
mom: then why is there shit on your fingers
by AeilSpear October 15, 2007

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A common term used by girls during text messages or in the process of making friends. It stands for BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, BUTT FUCK FRIENDS, BIG FAT FUCK.
Your my BFF now lets go do some fun stuff with each other at the mall or in the bed.
by AeilSpear October 14, 2007

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