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a political environment characterized by reduced and limited scope of state control of personal behavior

From hypo- "below normal" and -cracy "a type of government". Coined from a misspelling of hypocrisy (claiming moral standards to which one does not conform). See also hypercracy
Eventual recognition of the unseen consequences of state control led her to long for a hypocracy that at least did not have the pretense of being "for the people".
by Adumbrator August 29, 2009

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a political environment characterized by incursions of the state in personal affairs

From hyper- "above," "beyond," or "excessively" and -cracy "a type of government". See also hypocracy
The hypocritical politico voiced support for individual freedom as his drug war legislation led toward hypercracy.
by Adumbrator August 29, 2009

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An email, blog, or news group contribution that scolds one for netiquette deficiencies
I flamed some dude on a news group and some bitch sent me an Emily Post.
by Adumbrator May 19, 2006

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a voter likely to chose on the basis of whim or caprice
The eclector vote dominated the polls, resulting in wins for game show winners, television actors, comedians, and incumbents.
by Adumbrator December 31, 2008

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