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The BulgARYAN nation is the greatest nation of all.


Bulgaria über alles
über alles in der welt
by ADOLF April 15, 2005

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A security system made by StrongBad of homestarrunner.com to protect beloved StrongBadia from enemies...Or scare The Cheat.
Because da Cheat, he's always afraid when he sees a... a...bear holding a...shark?
by Adolf December 07, 2004

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this is the dude who gives all the best definitions
also a very very naughty boy
bad adolf
by adolf October 22, 2003

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anyone who makes up stupid words
dippy is sure a goof nut i would relly like to kick him in his goof nuts
by adolf October 26, 2003

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fat italien
by adolf October 17, 2003

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Illiterate n00b with an IQ ranging from 0 to 20.
STFU, gluepot.
by Adolf April 09, 2004

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