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Slang, slightly demeaning term for black guy. Shortened form of Negroid.
by Notcam March 13, 2003
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Most Groids reside in large urban areas, concentrated in the inner city/ghetto type environment. Known to smoke weed in copious amounts, these pavement apes also consume vast quantities of malt liquor beverages like Colt45 & Olde English 800, as well as Remy Martin and Hennessy Cognac. These creatures are prolific breeders, often procreating as early as 9 years of age.
Cruising down Broad Street Friday afternoon, we observed a large herd of wild Groids making a major ruckus outside of the Crown Fried Chicken store. Smashed windows and drumsticks everywhere.
by Klaatu B Nikto January 04, 2017
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"He wanted to date her till he found out she was so groid."
by Dwayne Boyd July 18, 2005
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A darkly skinned male with minimal intellegence, yet strength and speed beyond the capacity of an average homo sapien. Likes eating chicken.
by Sebastian Pedarastian January 04, 2008
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noun: A nigger Circa 1976 Illinois My sister, myself, and my cousin, called niggers} groids. Short for negroid, since we weren't aloud to say nigger we invented the word groid. Slightly less offensive than nigger, but meaning the same thing.
Damn this place is full of groids! Can't even go to the park with out seeing half a dozen.
by jabtizzy January 10, 2008
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Something a nigger or black would have, say, or do. Must be direct to or be talking about a non nigger or black person.
Guy 1: Did you just see that piece of shit car with the rims that are worth more than itself?
Guy 2: Was it driven by a black guy?
Guy 1: No
Guy 2: Man that's so fucking groid.
by EsP1619 June 08, 2010
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