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A term of endearment, which when used in the right context is the highest form of compliment.
Hey Brittanie?

Yes Ivan?

You my bitch, right?

You know it baby!!
by ARealSmartAss May 01, 2018

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A word used to mean "everything is well" or "completely satisfactory" when a person doesn't know the right way to say copacetic..
I'm so bad at speaking English that I say copastetic instead of copacetic..
by ARealSmartAss June 13, 2012

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The way Chelsea currently feels about Ivan. They aren’t anywhere near the lov stage, but she knows she’ll get there, and she definitely wants him to think he’ll get there. Cause she’s falling pretty hard.. pretty fast..
Who, Chelsea.. yeah, she definitely lovs Ivan, heard she made a hair doll of him the other day.. with HER OWN hair!

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