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The one thing that draws you towards her. The thing she cannot see herself, without your help.
I brought her ten roses, nine real and one fake. I told her I would love her til the last one dies.
by ALton January 16, 2005

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A republican brain disease, the onset of which, is brought about by repeated listening to the fat man on the radio in the AM and then pukeing up these same lies for the remainder of the day. This in turn causes shrinkage of the brain and penis!
This disease is also refered to as weakening of the oral sphincter and the bileous excretion as G.O.P.OOP
by alton January 04, 2005

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an electronic device that uses radio waves to send sound messages to other people, who also have a walkie talkie.
me and stuey use our walkie talkies to have walkie talkie sex during 1st period.
by alton April 10, 2004

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im alton and yeah i am cool
look how cool that alton guy is
by alton July 12, 2004

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a wound inflicted on some one or ones self with no thought being caught up in emotion
anger wound is a kick ass band
by alton July 12, 2004

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