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-the process of pleasing a women by repeatedly rubbing and stimulating her pussy lips, usually as a precursor to deeper penetrating sex. With the emphasis on the association to OG

Robin Hood.

-the female equivalent of Rubbin Wood.
She was horny as fuck after i gave her the Rubbin Hood, things got wild.
by ALfullaBAY February 13, 2011

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- An amalgamation of the hypothetical and pathetic, at the same time with a certain degree of exaggeration or hype. Implausible what if's that border on the ridiculous. Smack talk.
CoolNick38 "bro can i sell your car and buy lotto tickets with the cash, we're gonna win big...... i just know "
Dubplay45 "really??? Hyperpathetically speaking
you been smoking way to much crack."
CoolNick38 " So there's a chance then?"
Dubplay45 " Hell no you crazy ass mf"
by ALfullaBAY February 25, 2011

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A term of endearment for someone you go to for casual sexual encounters. Essentially a relationship with little or no commitment of sorts, but with ability to give them a root at there request in return.

Also relates to people of a promiscuous nature

AKA - Fuck buddy
AL: - "Are you still seeing that root bag ex of yours?"

Me: " Yea, we did it backwards froggy style last nite."

AL: " You are such a Playa. "
by ALfullaBAY January 15, 2011

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