26 definition by AK

1.Who that?
2.Hello (greeting)
Yo mama!
by ak October 09, 2003

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Undercover name for the restaurant chain "Hooter's" that married men or men who still live at home use.
by ak March 14, 2003

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Quaalude. (Downer pills/pantydroppers).
"Let's give these ladies some mandrakes"
by AK March 02, 2005

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The Thomas B. Walker III Scholar of Excellence and overachievment
"Darius is awesome"
-Darius "Simply" White
by ak February 09, 2004

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short brown indian male.
Sachin is a real DABU.
by ak February 07, 2003

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blow job
last night i fucked her right after she gave me sloppy 3rd.
by ak November 14, 2003

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the wrong way of spelling conrade this is often mispelt by people.

a term often used by communist wannabes spelled in an archaic language
Though Felix , the wannabe air cadet, would pass as a communist in speech. He'd fail in typing when referring to Mao as "conrade" because he clearly cant spell.
by ak March 08, 2005

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