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When a dude shoves his dong so far down your throat that you upchuck your meal of curried cayenne-peppered goat into your gullet right on his tonsil-jabber. Thus creating cockpuke.
(Happily munching) Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm-mmmm-mmmehah asfhchchae raaaaaaaaaahfda -- fuck dude, cockpuke! (Spitup swallowed) You totally stabbed my trachea. (Gulp)

You blew chunks on my babystick, bro. Cockpuke's burning my hole.
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n. Synonym of Semen or Cum. Can be used for many sayings. Just replace the word Semen, Cum, or Yogurt.
"Shut the fuck up Joe you pile of Cockpuke!"
"Dude, you know how much Cockpuke that bitch stores in her stomach?"
"I would rather drink a warm bucket of Cockpuke."
by AK November 10, 2004
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The same thing as (jizz), (cum) or (cock snot). Cock puke is usually refered to in order to gross out a chick.

"Gimme head bitch, and let me cock puke on your face", or "Swallow that cock puke, bitch!"
by The Roast September 18, 2006
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