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The definition of supergaymo.
Lacoste shirts are supergaymo.
by AJAW April 2, 2005
Short for moonshine. Usually used to ask someone whether they're drunk, because shine is hard shit.
"Have you been at the 'shine again?"
by AJAW November 6, 2007
One of The Who's greatest songs. Up there with Who Are You, Baba O'Riley, Won't Get Fooled Again, Pinball Wizard and all the others.
Eminence Front is beyond amazing. Anyone who likes The Who needs to have it in their collection.
by AJAW September 25, 2005
It was actually French Stewart who wagered $texas. Burt Reynolds wrote nothing down.
"And you wagered Texas with a dollar sign. I'm speechless."
by AJAW August 3, 2004
Titfucking. It's when a man places his penis between the breasts of his partner, and using the hole between the breasts, rams his penis back and forth until climax.
Mammarinal sex can be combined with oral sex to perform a titfuck blowjob.
by AJAW January 1, 2005
A country that is full of people who respect the United States as much as many US citizens respect them. A great country overall, with very nice people, nice cars and good beer.
Remember: It's the German government that hates the US, not the general German public.
by AJAW October 2, 2004
The only thing for which most Canadians apologize to America for on a daily basis.
Canadian: Celine Dion is an ugly bitch. We're sorry for letting her leave the country.
by AJAW September 10, 2005