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An alcoholic beverage invented in the dorms, and Iowa Curb Stomp contains:

1 White Claw or similar hard seltzer

3 shots of Hawkeye Vodka
3 or more squirts of Mio water enhancer

The Iowa Curb Stomp is intended to inebriate the drinker as efficiently and painlessly as possible, making it perfect for catching a relaxed-buzz or pre-gaming to go out.
bro 1: “yo did you see Jason? He was already drunk when they left the pregame.”

Bro 2: “ii made Jason an Iowa Curb Stomp, he’s gonna have a good night.”
by AECH.exe February 16, 2021
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A term used by University of Iowa dorm residents, “Face Shields” are the RA’s that roam the halls looking to break up gatherings of 4 or more, make sure you’re wearing your mask, or give you a large fine for drinking 1(one) beer. The actual term “Face Shield” originates in the the 2020-2021 school year, when the RA’s where required to wear face shields to protect from the Coronavirus pandemic. Face Shields have also been called “the Gestapo” the “fun police”, as well as “power-tripping boy scouts”.

Face Shields: “RA on duty open up!”

student 1: “oh fuck dude it’s the Face Shields! quick get in the closet they can’t know we’re socializing!”
by AECH.exe February 20, 2021
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A pre-game polly is one who consumes far too much alcohol before leaving to go out (party/bar). The term pre-game polly refers to a conversation between friends, when a friend was way too drunk to go to the bars, and one of his friends said he had the IQ of a “polly pocket”.
Homie 1: “damn bro, look at pre-game polly over here, stumbling before we even get to the bars!”

Homie 2: *trips and falls over nothing*
by AECH.exe March 26, 2021
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An old or unfunny meme generated by someone who is over 30.
Dude my mom keeps posting these facebook memes. They are sooooo bad.
by AECH.exe November 28, 2016
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acronym for

damn bro, just got back from my girls place, pass the nic i need that PNFJS
by AECH.exe April 28, 2021
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Just someone who is fully chonked. a thicc dude who also happens to be in mediocre physical condition.
dude look at that chonko, he thicc as hell but ran a 6:30 mile.
by AECH.exe January 10, 2020
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